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Automate Your Processes, Improve Results and Implement Efficient Controls (Hands on) in a Few Days

Even if you have never implemented a system in your company or department

Replace Old Spreadsheets for a Robust System, Modern and Adaptable to your Business.

The Same System That Helped Me to Triple My Company Efficiency, Gain More Time and Create an "Organization Routine" Able to Produce More Without Increasing Staff


The Processes of Your Company 2x More Productive and Automated

Organizing Process to Increase Results

Do you want to put your company, your department, to operate with more efficiency and organization?

With agile tools, you can streamline your company's processes and optimize the operation in a few days. Without having to hire consultants or invest heavily in the installation of systems.

This is your chance to have access to the METHOD to optimize your company's processes in a definitive way, serve more customers, and have clear indicators to monitor what happens in the operation.

Pay close attention to what you read below because it can change the way you evaluate your workflow and your team routines.

You are about to get your hands on practices that can literally increase your available weekly time, boost productivity, and make the workflow of you and your team much simpler, even if you have never studied process efficiency, or have advanced technology skills.

Before I go into all the details about our training, I need to talk to you about organization, productivity, and planning.

Creating a spreadsheet to keep track of your routine can be simple and intuitive.

Especially when you live in a hurry and have millions of things to do.

Although simple, it requires a certain level of control and organization.

Sharing with more people (without an organization) can make your controls a complete mess.

I remember the hours lost in team meetings to discuss the numbers, it was a torment, each person opened their controls and it was almost impossible to have a clear vision of what was happening and the evolution of the business..

If you have ever controlled a process like this you should know what I am talking about.

Bringing efficiency and automation into the company's routine is a condition for survival.

Without creating an agile workflow, with standardized and consistent processes, it can be a matter of time before many operations are bottlenecked.

Is your operation prepared for a sudden increase in customers? Could you handle them all without difficulty? And maybe with the same structure?

And this is where many companies keep losing money and still don't realize it.

But How to Organize Processes Efficiently?

How to optimize the company's workflow? Having management indicators and operation metrics?

Stop for a moment now and reflect on your work routine. Do you see inefficiencies, rework, and lack of indicators?

When you start to look at the day to day with a more critical eye, you realize how much time and money you may be losing with lack of efficiency and lack of productivity.

There is no reason to continue with inefficient processes, to do so is to increase the workload with tasks that could be eliminated.

Many have not yet realized that optimizing processes can save a lot of time and also save you a lot of headaches.

And if you think about results, increasing productivity is the key pillar that can enable your company to face boom times and tough situations.

You can still this week put a system in place to organize the work in a much more effective way.

If you understand the mechanisms for organizing and defining processes, and follow a step-by-step how-to, you can optimize your team's workflow yourself.

You can define department processes, add deadlines for execution, set up automatic communications, track satisfaction indicators, extract follow-up reports, and standardize the times and steps the team must follow.

We jumped from a few dozen students to over +13.000 in a short time.

On a monthly basis there are hundreds of students joining our courses, not counting special Mentoring and Consulting projects.

When I realized that a process management system could optimize the routine and automate many of the jobs we do internally, a lot changed.

I reduced the time I used to take controlling details of the operation. Today, I am confident in relation to the indicators, I am alerted in advance without worrying about forgetfulness, everyone on the team works following a defined standard, I have a vision of priorities, clarity and focus for the weekly activities.

My process of weekly management, control, and prioritization has greatly improved. And this is exactly what you can implement in your routine.

The more organized your team's processes are, the greater everyone's focus, concentration, and sense of priority.

If you want to organize your company's processes, optimize your time, I will share with you a step by step process to optimize any process using a simple platform that you can start today. (No installation on servers or computers required)

The same process I used to organize my team's routine.

What you need is to start implementing predictable and productive processes. In other words, a WORK FLOW for you to organize your day more efficiently.

A routine that will bring agility and quick responses to different situations. You can absorb ready-made practices and start today to optimize the company's routine.

There are specific processes to organize leads, others to optimize customer service, and others to increase and measure the company's efficiency.

Well, that is exactly what I want to help you with in this training.


Increase Efficiency, Standardization and Results

Curso Organize os Processos na Prática

Only $97

To have Your Company and Routine Automated

Practices Ready For You To Automate The Team's Routine Today

Objective and Straight to the Point Course, in only 4 hours We Automate a Process Together

We present a process platform for you to apply in practice all the teachings of the course.

The goal is that you get results right from the start by applying in your own processes.

Application for Different Business Models

Whether your business is in services, commerce, or industry, there will always be processes that can be better organized and optimized. Any process controlled in spreadsheets can be automated and optimized.


How to organize, automate any routine and process and eliminate parallel controls in spreadsheets.

How to implement an intuitive, cloud-based system WITHOUT THE HELP of external consultants or high investment requirements.

2 Simple and direct ways for you to map your company's processes, choose the best one for you.

Step-by-step video lessons for you to put into practice with your own processes today.

How to improve team communication with automatic notifications, ready indicators, and simple to configure reports.

How to eliminate repetitive tasks by automating procedures.

How efficient processes can leverage company results and reduce operational inefficiency.

CRM Process Template for you to install and already control the team's leads and business.


Leveraging Your Company Productivity


Start the right way

  • The essential pillar to leverage your company's results.
  • How to create your free account to start modeling your company's processes.
  • Organize the company's various processes on a single platform (Sales, customer service, post-sales, contracts, purchasing, etc.)
  • Process optimization cases with examples.
  • Recommendations and proven organizational and structuring practices to adopt.


Step by Step from Zero to Results

  • 2 Techniques for you to map processes with agility.
  • Ready-made Process Modeling Templates with Downloadable Examples.
  • How to set up a sales process in 11 simple steps. Do it yourself for any process.
  • Key features for users to use with agility on a daily basis.
  • How to set up a public form for collecting files and information.
  • How to use reminders to help organize the routine of employees and teams.


Measuring to Evolve

  • Track process indicators in just 1 click
  • Create control dashboards (cock-pit) and respond to demands with agility.
  • Set deadlines for each step of the process and optimize times by ensuring standardization.
  • Create dynamic reports for data cross-referencing and operation monitoring.
  • Compare performance between periods such as last week vs. this week, last month vs. this month, etc.


Never Stop Improving Operation

  • How to automate processes and eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Ensure consistency of information and indicators by improving processes
  • Create dynamic forms that adapt to your business rules
  • How to track all communication in a single location for auditing and control
  • Create e-mail templates to speed up communication and keep the language standard.


Transforme Processos Ineficientes em Processos Ágeis
Transform Inefficient Processes into Agile Processes
Rápida Visualização do que acontece em sua Empresa
Quick View of what is happening in your Company
Represente o seu Fluxo de Processo de forma Visual
Visualize your Process Flow
Tenha acesso móvel de onde estiver
Get mobile access from wherever you are
Organize os Processos da Empresa de Forma Centralizada
Organize the Company's Processes in a Centralized Way
Visualize o Calendário de Compromissos do Mês da Equipe
View the Team's Calendar of Appointments for the Month
Campos Personalizados para as Regras da sua Empresa
Custom Fields for Your Company Rules
Indicadores de desempenho com 1 clique
1-Click Performance Indicators


"The system provides a great user experience because it is very intuitive and easy to use. You can automate almost any process. For example, at our design company, we have connected several processes, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and even the hiring process."

Pablo Ramirez


"I found it very interesting, I'm a private English teacher and I've already seen that you can put several processes. I really liked the layout of the page, it's very clean, it even gives that air of "organization". I'm confident that by the end of the course I'll have many insights and I'll be more comfortable with the platform."

Leandro Aparecido

English Teacher

"Before I was lost in emails and other tools, trying to keep track of my team's work. Now I have all the workflows in one place. It's easy to use and I can create my own processes, the way I need them, without having to go to the 'IT guy'."

Claudio Junior


And if I don't like it?

The risk is all OURS!

If you don't like the method we teach, you have

7 DAYS Unconditional Guarantee!

Organize & Automate Processes Course
Step by Step to Optimize and Automate Your Company's Processes
Curso Organize os Processos na Prática

Only $97

To have your Company Organized & Automated

Practices Ready For You To Organize The Team's Routine Today

Objective and Straight to the Point Course, in only 4 hours We Automate a Process Together

Organizing the routine, helping the team and the departments to work efficiently is not something that can be learned only by reading books, but mainly by putting it into practice on a daily basis.

And when you have something ready and watch someone doing it, everything becomes easier.

These are precisely ready-made practices and templates that you will receive in this training, to facilitate and accelerate your learning process, help to build your application, and generate practical results.

What will happen 6 months from now if you don't act today?

If you remain disorganized, without standardized & automated processes, and in the same routine, can you imagine how your life will be in 6 months? Imagine the impact that an action today will have on your tomorrow.

How much time and energy is wasted daily by you and your team due to lack of organization? How much money (time) do you leave on the table every day that could be better used?

Stop wasting money now on routines & tasks that should never be done.

Many people believe they are efficient, when in fact they shouldn't even be doing what they do on a daily basis. If you eliminate unnecessary routines and automate repetitive procedures, you will have a leaner, more agile process, without the problems caused by manual procedures.

Investing in more agile processes and routines is a step toward freedom, optimized time management, and smarter decisions.

You can start your journey today, towards a more organized and efficient routine, and reap the rewards in a short time. Start today to put into practice in your company using the same models and processes that we apply in our step-by-step projects.


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