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Organization and Profitability

Maybe you are losing money every day without realizing it.

And I'm not talking about some money, especially if you evaluate the entire year of work.

Pay close attention to what you will read ahead as it can change the way you look at your company's processes.

Do you know what your company's revenue and profitability indicators look like?

Entrepreneurs do not always have information available for decision-making, much less time to help their employees work more efficiently.

Every day thousands of hours are literally thrown into the garbage by allowing the company to continue running INEFFICIENT PROCESSES.

Now, stop for a moment and answer the following questions (for yourself).

  • How many processes/routines generate re-work in your company?
  • How much money could be invested to improve your service / product (while your team spends time re-doing tasks)?
  • How many more employees do you need to hire because your processes are inefficient? (maybe your operation can run with half of current employees)
  • Why can your competitor deliver in less time and cheaper than your company?

The truth is that companies are constantly changing and processes and systems are part of this transformation.

Without the right technologies and processes to keep up with your company’s growth, the chance of you falling behind and losing space in your market is very great. It is necessary to adapt the changes, and to adapt quickly.

If you have already controlled or control the company in spreadsheets, you know it will becomes impossible to manage so much information in Excel, not to mention the amount of lost hours hitting the formulas, rules and inconsistencies.

To have new results, it is necessary to run modern and efficient processes with the help of technology to produce better.

I'll give you a simple but very didactic example.

Do you still use a fax machine or you send quotes on paper?

I hope not, but if you still use it, know that it takes you 5x longer than your competitor, without considering, that in many places they don't even accept the fax anymore.

That is what I mean by adapting to changes. Every day, technology brings innovations that help businesses become more efficient and productive.

You can use the digital media to improve your company's processes, help your employees work more efficiently and improve business profitability.

Technology is increasingly available, you can start using good systems with little investment. And gradually increase with business growth.

The more organized and efficient your processes are, the greater the agility, efficiency of the operation and the better the results for your customers.

If you want to organize your company's processes and improve delivery times, we have ready-made process models for quick application in your company.

A method that allows you to organize and deploy agile processes within a week (for a standardized deployment for a simple complexity process).

What you need is to start implementing predictable and productive processes. In other words, a ROUTINE for you to organize your company more efficiently.

A routine that will bring agility and quick solutions to different situations.

You can absorb ready-made practices and start in a week optimizing your day-to-day and business.

There are specific processes for you to organize sales and operations, others to plan an efficient routine and others to streamline your business.

That's exactly what we want to help you with!

An Efficient Method. Organize your Process in a week* with a efficient technology.

* time to implement a process, which may vary according to the customer's availability

Analysis & Understanding

We evaluate your process (documented or not), identify opportunities for improvements and understand the goals pursued by the business.

Prototyping and Validation

Based on the analysis, we present good practices and a functional prototype for validation. The idea is to show the actual functioning and the results to be achieved.


After refinements and validation, it is time to train the team in using the platform and management indicators of the new process.


With the team in operation, doubts will arise and, so we included monitoring during the initial weeks of operation. To make them feel confident.

You can optimize your operation

Real Time Operation Visibility

Track the progress of each order, demand, request, all visually and with response time control.

Increase the efficiency of your team and implement transparent management.

Integrated communication

Keep the history of conversations, files, documents, all of this in one centralized location with easy access and without wasting time. No more chats and files spread across multiple locations.

Process Integration and Automation

Eliminate repetitive team tasks, reduce failures and increase the accuracy of information for decision making.

Put the system to work for you by automating processes and making information filling automated.

SLA and Follow Up

Make your process timely and predictable. Instantly know what's on and off the schedule. The system controls the times (SLA) of each phase and you can also measure and direct out-of-date cases to a manager automatically.


Organize na Prática is recognized by Pipefy as a Gold Certified Partner for its level of experience and excellence in project delivery.

Organize na Practice is recognized by Bitrix24 as a certified partner for platform implementation, training and support.

Every business with its particularity

Some successful implementations in different areas of expertise.

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Attracting new brokers

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Third Party Management

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Accounting Office

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Tax. Accounting, Law, Personal Department

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